My Experience with Purple Prizes

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I’ll be honest, I was sceptical at first. I see they were advertising on Facebook at first and decided to have a look around, firstly on their Facebook page which had a couple of thousand likes so I thought seems fairly promising. I headed over to their website, which I first I thought was okay, but not exactly confidence inspiring as it looked fairly basic. That being said there were a few tickets sold on each competition that I looked at and decided I’d give it a go. Being able to pay via PayPal gave me confidence that I’d be able to get my money back if the competition didn’t go ahead and they couldn’t be contacted. I placed an order after choosing the car competition they had on at the time and got confirmation of my ticket number and when I logged into the online account on the website, everything was good.

I thought I’d email them just to see if they would respond, and they did. All is well. I kept checking back on the Facebook page to check for any updates and right enough they were active on the page and updates about ticket sales for the prizes were given. Just before the tickets were sold out I got another email to see if I wanted another ticket or two and to be quick. Choose not to as this was the first one I entered. The tickets then sold out, I was given another email informing that all the tickets had sold and that the draw would follow soon. Another email with all the ticket entries and another when the live stream was about to go ahead. The live stream went live on Facebook and I watched the whole thing as they entered the figure into the Google Random Number Generator. All this being recorded live so total transparency. The first number to be displayed would be the winner of the car and then the subsequent runner up prizes. I didn’t win the car, but I did win £100 website credit! I was pretty happy as I usually don’t win much at all. Right enough after the live stream draw I received another email informing me that I won a runner up prize and it was that of the website credit. Upon logging into to the account on their website and checking the credits section, right enough I had a £100 credit showing.

Went on to test this in another competition and as expected was able to use the credit and get a whole bunch of free tickets giving me much greater odds for something I liked more. All in all, extremely happy!

The 6 Week Moving To Do List

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Moving house is always so daunting. It always feels like you haven’t planned enough, done enough or organised enough. Moving is an incredibly stressful endeavour. Particularly when there are small children and/or sulky teenagers in the mix. Everyone seems to get under each other’s feet.  We’ve compiled this helpful list for Week 6, to ease the burden of your move.


Step 1: Confirm the date of your move. This is quite possibly the most important date for the whole operation. Try to avoid moving on Bank holidays if you value your sanity. Organising the move to a weekday generally helps with congestion. Roads aren’t that busy and moving companies are less busy during the week than they are on the weekends.


Step 2: In the event that you are renting, check your current contract stipulations to make sure that you give the needed notice period. Inform your landlord of your moving date.


Step 3: Make sure that your home insurance actually covers you from the date of the exchange. Make sure you get everything in writing and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. There is nothing worse than getting caught short.


Step 4: Take some time to research suitable moving options that suit your needs. Make sure you get written quotations, ask for references, check professional registers and confirm the limits of their insurance.


Step 5: Book extra storage if you need it. Particularly if you are planning on selling some of your items etc. Start collecting your moving supplies if you aren’t having the moving solution provide them for you.


Step 6: Notify your relevant utility companies that you are moving. Most of them have their own processes in place, so brace yourself for the inevitable customer service calls.

Step 7: Start with a “spring clean” of sorts. Sort things that you want to keep, sell, bin or donate. The spring clean will also give you a decent idea of how many boxes and so on you’ll need. It will also make the “deep clean” load far lighter when making sure the place is spick and span.


Step 8: Organise childcare if required. Having goblins underfoot during the move can be very frustrating for you, boring for them (particularly if they aren’t being helpful) and quite possibly dangerous for everyone else involved. Heavy furniture, lots of rushing feet and a swarm of activity is an accident waiting to happen.

Seeing as your washing machine is one of those appliances that you are likely to use on an almost daily basis, chances are that you won’t want it to break down. However, just like anything else in your home, your washing machine can develop a fault every now and then. Thankfully the majority of faults can be easy to resolve, and in fact, you can avoid them all together if you take good care of your washing machine. The most common issues with washing machines Here are some of the most common issues that you can find that might occur with your washing machine.

  • Clothes are not coming out clean
  • The cycle is noisy
  • The machine is using too much washing detergent
  • The machine looks dirty
  • The machine isn’t smelling very nice

How to look after your washing machine Not sure that you want to face any of these problems? If you do, then perhaps it is a good idea to try and look after your washing machine as best you can. Not sure where to start? Well, we have put together some of the top tips for making sure that your washing machine is always in the best condition. How your load your washing machine can have a bearing on the wear and tear of the appliance as a whole. You should always aim to fill a little less than capacity, and never more than that. You should also avoid putting the clothes into the washing machine in one big heap, instead put them in singularly as this will make sure that everything doesn’t get tangled up in the drum. You should also make sure that the door is open between the cycles too, as this will make sure that the moisture can be released and will keep down on the smells. Another top tip is to always make sure that you regularly clean and maintain your washing machine. Run an empty cycle every now and then and use a specially designed cleaning product as this will make sure that your washing machine is always in the best condition possible. So, now you know, despite problems cropping up with your washing machine, there are plenty of ways that you can look after the appliance and make sure that it always works for you. Seeing as it is vital for you to be able to wash you, and your family’s clothes on an almost daily basis, having a washing machine that works is going to be incredibly important. If it does fail, luckily there are experts on hand.

The Biggest Feet In Britain

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We thought it would be funny to report on a man in Britain with the biggest feet and also a nice way to introduce our blog on Boots Meindl.

A man in Britain was quoted over £800 for a pair of steel toe caped work boots! Hi name, Carl Griffiths who has feet that need a size 21! He is also fairly tall at 6ft 8ins too. Working in a warehouse he required steel toe caped work boots whereby no company produced a size 21, therefore they needed to be custom made.

Carl is in a job that only pays around £7 per hour and simply couldn’t afford to pay for such an expensive boot. Thankfully, a local charity heard of his big-foot plight and footed the bill of over £800 for the boots. He says he can usually find XXL shoes and trainers through speciality companies, but when it comes to working boots it is a different matter.

Carl had been working part time and had been looking to step up on the career ladder when he was offered a work experience job at a local food company called CastellHowell. Carl said he had a pair of work shoes a few years back but they were a few sizes too small and broke when he was at work. He then had a look and phoned a few companies but they quoted over £1100 which he simply could not afford.

Carl was over the moon when friends contacted the Communities First Job Growth charity who agreed to offer up the cash to get Carl into a new job. Carl is now a trained warehouse man at the CastellHowell food company.

If only we had heard of Carl’s struggle and we certainly would have helped him out as we specialise in manufacturing boots for work.