My Experience with Purple Prizes

by boots9 on

I’ll be honest, I was sceptical at first. I see they were advertising on Facebook at first and decided to have a look around, firstly on their Facebook page which had a couple of thousand likes so I thought seems fairly promising. I headed over to their website, which I first I thought was okay, but not exactly confidence inspiring as it looked fairly basic. That being said there were a few tickets sold on each competition that I looked at and decided I’d give it a go. Being able to pay via PayPal gave me confidence that I’d be able to get my money back if the competition didn’t go ahead and they couldn’t be contacted. I placed an order after choosing the car competition they had on at the time and got confirmation of my ticket number and when I logged into the online account on the website, everything was good.

I thought I’d email them just to see if they would respond, and they did. All is well. I kept checking back on the Facebook page to check for any updates and right enough they were active on the page and updates about ticket sales for the prizes were given. Just before the tickets were sold out I got another email to see if I wanted another ticket or two and to be quick. Choose not to as this was the first one I entered. The tickets then sold out, I was given another email informing that all the tickets had sold and that the draw would follow soon. Another email with all the ticket entries and another when the live stream was about to go ahead. The live stream went live on Facebook and I watched the whole thing as they entered the figure into the Google Random Number Generator. All this being recorded live so total transparency. The first number to be displayed would be the winner of the car and then the subsequent runner up prizes. I didn’t win the car, but I did win £100 website credit! I was pretty happy as I usually don’t win much at all. Right enough after the live stream draw I received another email informing me that I won a runner up prize and it was that of the website credit. Upon logging into to the account on their website and checking the credits section, right enough I had a £100 credit showing.

Went on to test this in another competition and as expected was able to use the credit and get a whole bunch of free tickets giving me much greater odds for something I liked more. All in all, extremely happy!

Written by: boots9

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