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The Biggest Feet In Britain

by boots9 on

We thought it would be funny to report on a man in Britain with the biggest feet and also a nice way to introduce our blog on Boots Meindl.

A man in Britain was quoted over £800 for a pair of steel toe caped work boots! Hi name, Carl Griffiths who has feet that need a size 21! He is also fairly tall at 6ft 8ins too. Working in a warehouse he required steel toe caped work boots whereby no company produced a size 21, therefore they needed to be custom made.

Carl is in a job that only pays around £7 per hour and simply couldn’t afford to pay for such an expensive boot. Thankfully, a local charity heard of his big-foot plight and footed the bill of over £800 for the boots. He says he can usually find XXL shoes and trainers through speciality companies, but when it comes to working boots it is a different matter.

Carl had been working part time and had been looking to step up on the career ladder when he was offered a work experience job at a local food company called CastellHowell. Carl said he had a pair of work shoes a few years back but they were a few sizes too small and broke when he was at work. He then had a look and phoned a few companies but they quoted over £1100 which he simply could not afford.

Carl was over the moon when friends contacted the Communities First Job Growth charity who agreed to offer up the cash to get Carl into a new job. Carl is now a trained warehouse man at the CastellHowell food company.

If only we had heard of Carl’s struggle and we certainly would have helped him out as we specialise in manufacturing boots for work.