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The 6 Week Moving To Do List

by boots9 on

Moving house is always so daunting. It always feels like you haven’t planned enough, done enough or organised enough. Moving is an incredibly stressful endeavour. Particularly when there are small children and/or sulky teenagers in the mix. Everyone seems to get under each other’s feet.  We’ve compiled this helpful list for Week 6, to ease the burden of your move.


Step 1: Confirm the date of your move. This is quite possibly the most important date for the whole operation. Try to avoid moving on Bank holidays if you value your sanity. Organising the move to a weekday generally helps with congestion. Roads aren’t that busy and moving companies are less busy during the week than they are on the weekends.


Step 2: In the event that you are renting, check your current contract stipulations to make sure that you give the needed notice period. Inform your landlord of your moving date.


Step 3: Make sure that your home insurance actually covers you from the date of the exchange. Make sure you get everything in writing and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. There is nothing worse than getting caught short.


Step 4: Take some time to research suitable moving options that suit your needs. Make sure you get written quotations, ask for references, check professional registers and confirm the limits of their insurance.


Step 5: Book extra storage if you need it. Particularly if you are planning on selling some of your items etc. Start collecting your moving supplies if you aren’t having the moving solution provide them for you.


Step 6: Notify your relevant utility companies that you are moving. Most of them have their own processes in place, so brace yourself for the inevitable customer service calls.

Step 7: Start with a “spring clean” of sorts. Sort things that you want to keep, sell, bin or donate. The spring clean will also give you a decent idea of how many boxes and so on you’ll need. It will also make the “deep clean” load far lighter when making sure the place is spick and span.


Step 8: Organise childcare if required. Having goblins underfoot during the move can be very frustrating for you, boring for them (particularly if they aren’t being helpful) and quite possibly dangerous for everyone else involved. Heavy furniture, lots of rushing feet and a swarm of activity is an accident waiting to happen.